Administrators are able to ban users, adjust wiki coding, change the wiki theme, and have article comment colours. On this wiki we take our administrators very seriously so we expect only a few of the best users to ever become administrators. Below our the rules for becoming a admin.

1) Have at least 400 edits 2) Understand wiki coding. 3) Behave well at all times 4) Always be calm. 5) If you've had more then 1 ban you are disqualified from becoming a administrator unless you have the presidents pardon. 6) Have good contributions to this wiki. 7) Never cuss 8) Represent the Nation Life Wiki whenever possible 9) Have a profile picture ( a nice one ) 10) at least 2 paragraphs on your user page 11) A nice signature _____________________________________________________________________________________

When you request any form of special rights, it will take around 5 hour - 2 days before your request is viewed. A admin will investiage all your edits, contributions, user page, talk page, messages to other users. After being viewed if you meet all the criteria above the admin will approve the request. If you do not meet the criteria then it will be declined and you won't be able to request again for nearly 1 month.

If your request is approved, then a 5 day community vote will take place. If the majority approves then you will be granted the rights you requested. If the majority does not approve then you will have to wait 1 month before requesting any rights again.


REQUESTS:- please use your signature -

Request must be at least 2 paragraph long using complex sentences, and complex punctuation, adverbs, persuasive language, and logical connectives.


Hello I am ( user name ) I am requesting administrator rights because I feel that I have done a great job on this wiki. I am requesting admin rights because I have helped this wiki a lot by using rollback rights and believe I can further help this wiki by exercising my admin rights. I am very good at coding and can help code in new things to this wiki, I meet all the criteria and will happily be very active on this wiki.

( signature )

^ the above is a very SIMPLE request. We expect a little more input.


Requests: - please use your signature.