Bureaucrats have the same power as administrators except they have access to promote, demote, other users. At the Nation Life Wiki we try to limit the amount of Bureaucrats to the slighest amount possible. We feel that 97% of the users should not have any administrative power. If however we are at risk of vandals, and have organization problems we have a amount of users that are ready to be promoted to administrators, bureaucrats, and rollbacks. Below are some of the rules & guidelines for becoming a Bureaucrat.

1) At least 1,000 edits

2) Very good at coding

3) Trustworthy

4) Never was banned ( 0 bans )

5) Must have been a rollback, and administrator.

6) Very active

7) Good spelling

8) Very well liked from the Nation Life Community

9) Never argues.

10) Have a history of fighting vandals, breaking up arguments

11) Bureaucrats must be able to handle taking care of a entire wiki

12) Good sense of humor

13) 4 paragraphs on your profile page



Requests: Requests must be at least 3 paragraphs long. It will take around 5 hours - 2 days before a admin reviews the requests. If your request is approved then a 5 day community vote will be held. If your request is declined then you may not nominate yourself for 1 month.

Requests: - ( remember to use your signature )